Stephen Colbert brutally roasts Rachel Maddow's 'revelation' about Donald Trump tax form

After speaking briefly with a chicken expert and diving slightly-less-deep on the history of roads, the joke was (almost) revealed.

When Rachel Maddow walked onto Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" stage Wednesday night, the MSNBC host looked comfortable in her black blazer and jeans. They are eaten by people like Russian oligarch, Dmitry Rybolovlev.

After President Donald Trump defied decades of political convention by declining to release his tax returns during his campaign, Rachel Maddow broke the internet this week when she revealed Trump's 2005 tax returns during her MSNBC show. Colbert said. "I don't wanna watch America's Got 1040's".

One of Maddow's critics was Stephen Colbert, who mocked her non-bombshell of a report on Wednesday's The Late Show.

Though a White House statement fully confirmed the documents that Johnston received, it also said that they would be "illegally published".

Despite a 40-year tradition of presidential nominees releasing their tax returns, Mr. Trump has refused to do so.

A cursory review of President Trump's 2005 tax return reveals that he paid $38 million in federal taxes when filing his 2005 federal income tax return and it is safe to estimate based on the released information that he paid at least another $9 to $12 million in state income taxes. "They are my "You Got the President's Tax Return" sneakers", Maddow said. "I want to be trustworthy to my audience and we're going to get this thing answered about his finances, and we owe it to this country and we're going to do it piece by piece", vowing to keep on the story. The vice chairman of that bank until recently was our new secretary of commerce, long time Trump friend Wilbur Ross'.

MADDOW: This document has surfaced. The returns do not indicate whether he paid taxes in other years or how much he might have paid.

As a precaution, Maddow had produced an entire separate show that was ready to run in case the tax return story had to be sidelined over authenticity questions.

David Cay Johnston, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who came up with two pages from Donald Trump's 2005 tax return, ripped the White House for its handling of his Tuesday scoop.

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