USA issues call for border-wall designs

The proposals are due to the government by March 29. Trump's proposed budget includes $3.1 billion in funding for the wall. The government's preference is for a 30-foot-high wall, but it will consider designs that are at least 18 feet high. Back home, where many view Trump's wall as an anti-Mexican symbol, some have said participating in its construction would be equivalent to an act of treason.

"CBP issued two RFPs to acquire multiple conceptual wall designs with the intent to construct multiple prototypes", the agency says in a press release.

In recent weeks, hundreds of companies indicated interest in the project.

The bid calls for two types of proposals: a wall constructed of reinforced concrete and another with a "see-through component/capability".

Flores was offered $2,900 for the land, the same amount that was offered when President George W. Bush's administration attempted to seize their land to build a wall more than a decade ago.

"The reality is that I do not think they're going to hire a Mexican company that imports light bulbs from China", he said.

"His budget highlights his obsession with mass deportations and building a border wall while making clear he is more concerned with keeping campaign promises than keeping the country safe and secure", Rep. Bennie Thompson said in a statement Thursday.

Almost 200 companies from 41 states have signaled their interest in being selected to work on President Trump's proposed southern border wall, according to the February 28 article.

They say the Trump administration wants to build a 30-foot-high wall that looks good from the north side and is hard to climb or cut through.

Trump's proposal also suggests the president is gearing up for legal challenges to his immigration enforcement machinery.

Analysts have estimated that about $1 billion worth of concrete and cement will be required for the wall, and Cemex, with its cement plants on both sides of the border, would be well poised to be a major supplier.

Among the requirements is that the wall be "aesthetically pleasing in color" and blend into or match the surrounding landscape on the USA side.

Cuevas, the head of the Senate foreign relations committee, said negotiations were also under way to amend existing laws on public works projects and government purchases to exert similar pressure. The plans dated February 9, were drafted by Dannenbaum LLC, a Houston based engineering company, and have an estimated completion date of November 2019.

Illegal crossing arrests at Mexico border drop 40% .

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