Trump Wins Support For GOP's Obamacare Replacement Bill

Trump Wins Support For GOP's Obamacare Replacement Bill

Trump Wins Support For GOP's Obamacare Replacement Bill

The Trump administration's criticisms of the CBO are unusual.

House Republicans are pushing toward a vote next week on their bill to repeal Obamacare and replace it with their own programs, even as holdouts resist pressure from House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Donald Trump to give the proposal enough support to pass.

Swing state senators worry that their sickest and poorest constituents could lose access to health care. They have also pushed for the bill's proposed freeze on Obamacare's Medicaid expansion to be accelerated from 2020 up to 2019 or 2018.

Cotton agreed. "If we had those Democratic votes, we wouldn't need three steps", he said. Better yet, they should look for ways to retain and fix the current law. And if that happens, I have a suggestion for Republicans looking for ways to salvage their reputations and fulfill their longtime pledge to get rid of the Affordable Care Act - also known as Obamacare.

This idea by Trump may help to sway more Republicans to voting for it to at least get out of the House of Representatives.

In a new complication, Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa, said the measure lacked the votes to pass in the Senate, where Republicans hold a precarious 52-48 majority.

The health care battle is probably the first of many intraparty clashes to come. He or she would benefit under the Republican plan, paying $1,450.

"We have rejiggered it", Trump told reporters afterward.

The White House realizes that it must win over numerous objectors.

Speaking at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Friday, Trump calls it a "great plan" and says it is "getting more and more popular with the Republican base, the conservative base and with people generally". "To my Republican colleagues who have doubts, today I encourage you: Don't cut off the discussion". "I certainly would not want to defend it". Cohn and Mulvaney said CBO should instead should analyze whether patients can actually afford to go to a doctor.

Trump said Friday that the leaders of the Republican Study Committee, which contains about 170 House Republicans, now endorse the American Health Care Act. "If I were them, I would not want to talk about this bill either".

"This is not something that is easy for us to say, 'OK, we'll take half a loaf, '" said Adam Brandon, head of the conservative activist group FreedomWorks.

But that idea was met with widespread concern: Republican lawmakers feared that repealing Obamacare without an alternative in place would be irresponsible as a policy matter, as well as politically risky. "So what we're asking him to do is repeal - root and branch". It won't. Time for Republican leaders to respond and retool.

Right now, Republicans are fighting each other, while Democrats sit on the sidelines.

House GOP leaders plan a floor vote next week, less than a month after the measure was introduced.

Since Trump's election, polls show the law gaining in popularity.

In a joint letter sent Thursday to the leaders of the House and Senate, the governors of Ohio, Michigan, Nevada and Arkansas argued that the "current version" of the American Health Care Act in the House hurts states. He's also a professor of internal medicine, public health and public policy. That's 4 million more than the 20 million who've gained either Medicaid or insurance coverage under Obama's law.

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