New Netflix button proves hit with binge watchers

New Netflix button proves hit with binge watchers

New Netflix button proves hit with binge watchers

According to Entertainment Weekly, the button is only available to use when streaming a show in a web browser.

Great news for Netflix users!

Smita Saran, Netflix's spokesperson, declared that the Skip Intro button is one of many features that the streaming platform is now working on. Netflix already does this with many shows that have intros that are at the top of the show.

The "skip intro" option may not be the cat's pajamas for every viewer, especially for those binge-watching "The Office". So far, users have said it appears for Netflix originals such as "House of Cards",'Iron Fist", and third-party shows like "Pars & Rec" and "Mad Men'.

The ability to skip intros has been a longstanding request of many Netflix users for some time now, The Verge reports. Moreover, in case you have opted for the auto-play mode for a specific series, the opening credits will be skipped automatically.

Between adding offline downloads and a skip intro button, there's not much left on the Netflix Wish List.

Of course there are some people who prefer their intros.

And that isn't the only new feature that Netflix is testing out.

Title sequences are typically pretty short, so to me it's a non-issue. In either scenario, life would certainly be very easy if Netflix just offered a button to skip the intro should you just want to jump straight into the action. What do you think of Netflix's other upcoming changes? We're assuming that it will show up on mobile apps relatively soon, although that will require an update.

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