Kazakhstan's Golovkin unifies world middleweight title

Kazakhstan's Golovkin unifies world middleweight title

Kazakhstan's Golovkin unifies world middleweight title

The tenor of the fight changed early in the fourth round when Golovkin finally moved in a landed a crushing right to Jacobs' jaw and followed it up with another sharp right that sent Jacobs down for the third time in his career.

Saturday, March 18, one of the most feared punchers in the fight game, Gennady Golovkin, will enter the ring once again and attempt to keep his ideal resume intact as he defends his coveted 160 pound championships against arguably the next best Middleweight in the division, Daniel Jacobs. And even though I can easily assume that Jacobs has improved both mentally and physically after enduring his toughest fight outside of the ring, I also have no problem assuming that a human wrecking ball like GGG will have no problem scoring a very similar and equally devastating stoppage win against Jacobs, who has shown courage and grit in his miraculous recovery as a fighter, but who has not almost enough of either of those virtues to stand in front of Golovkin with any kind of chance of victory.

"GGG" pushes to 37-0 as Jacobs drops to 32-2 in what was a heartbreaking loss after such a sterling effort on the part of the American. "I thought I won by at least two rounds".

The judges scored the fight 115-112, 115-112 and 114-113 for Golovkin.

But Jacobs was unable to drop Golovkin despite his flurries, proving once again that Triple G cannot only throw it but take big punches in return.

He said: "Daniel is my favourite fighter".

"This is boxing and they wanted that big matchup but I won the fight".

As for Jacobs, he culminated a 12-fight win streak that was the cherry on top of a more important victory: his defeat against cancer several years ago. Meanwhile, Jacobs put together some excellent combos in the final minutes to put an exclamation point on what was really just a smart, smart fight from him. He was taller, with a longer reach, and the television announcers guessed that he outweighed Golovkin at fight time by ten pounds.

Jacobs was more than just a stopgap opponent.

The WBA super and WBC and IBF world middleweight titles are on the line as the two men, who boast an impressive 62 knockouts between them, clash at the historic Madison Square Garden. Did you think Golovkin's fourth round knockdown, effective jabbing, and heavier power shots made the difference, or was Jacobs' clever tactical boxing what carried the fight for you? I do think that this is flawless timing for me. "He is very clean, a very good fighter".

Golovkin's big advantage was in the first half of the fight. I don't think you can get on your back foot with Triple G, because he will cut off the ring, and he's so good at cutting off the ring while putting his opponents in bad positions, and he's going to hit you. "I am like an animal for this fight".

It's interesting that Jacobs stated that definitely GGG was not the boogeyman, but then how come he was so cautious against him?

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