Mandy Moore Responds To Disappointed 'This Is Us' Fans

Mandy Moore Responds To Disappointed 'This Is Us' Fans

Mandy Moore Responds To Disappointed 'This Is Us' Fans

However, the season finale that aired on Tuesday took on a different tone.

-The hit NBC drama "This Is Us" ended its first season on March 14 and while some critics find the show saccharine, others say the set of episodes were heartfelt and emotionally satisfying viewing. The finale was at turns heartbreaking and exciting, but it avoided the reveal that many fans were expecting.

A promo for last week's episode showed Jack driving to Rebecca's gig in Cleveland with a back seat full of empty beer cans, leading many fans to speculate that the show would finally reveal how Jack died.

Elsewhere, we meet a young Rebecca, who finds herself in a similar spot. After all, we knew from the beginning of the season that we'd soon be saying goodbye to the dad of three.

The show's cast, including Milo Ventimiglia, and creator Dan Fogelman teased fans ahead of the finale. He's drunk and she has just avoided an unwanted advance from bandmate Ben. "I should be watching ER", Rebecca told Ben in a cheeky shout-out to NBC's must-see TV era. Rebecca sees this and drives him home, missing her show, and they end up in a screaming match. That's when Jack loses it and punches Ben before Rebecca walks in, shocked. But it wasn't a throwaway episode, either. This doesn't even begin to appease Rebecca and it quickly becomes apparent this is about much more than Jack going on a bender.

It's just that "This Is Us" fans are used to having STRONG feelings about each episode, and this one was just. OK? And Randall (Sterling K. Brown) has decided that he wants to follow in his parents' footsteps and adopt.

What happens with Kevin and Sophie? Hopefully the writers give us more information regarding Darryl and why he isn't present after Jack starts a family.

The two locked eyes and Jack skipped out on another blind date he was supposed to attend. Jack completely forgot about his, focusing instead on the robbery plan. Rebecca admits out loud that a decade and a half of parenting has left her unsatisfied.

She believes Jack's anger stems from the fact that she's returned to her music career. She worries about what to tell the kids. "I have no life". I am a freaking ghost!'

"I stand in awe of this friend of mine", Moore captioned a photo of her and Ventimiglia on her Instagram. As the argument lost steam, Jack headed toward the door. He made a pass at her before the show, which only solidified in her that she truly loved her husband.

The next morning she comes downstairs and Jack is sitting on the living room couch waiting for her.

Jack gets a good hand and throws in all his money - and wins a lot of money from the seedy gamblers as well - when he decides to take off.

He agrees but not before declaring his love for her, answering her question as to all the reasons he loves her. You dated this woman 21 years ago and now you're gonna try and break up her marriage? 1st episode of the season I didn't love. And that you laugh with your entire face. Even happy moments end in tears for both the characters and the viewers at home.

"I love the mother that you are". "Here's a couple [who] loves each other, they do deeply, but they've found themselves in a moment of disrepair and they gotta figure it out".

He closes by telling her that she may think their love story is over, but it's just getting started. If the harshest critique viewers can make about the season finale of their show, however, is that a shady poker game ground the energy to a halt, that's fairly mild in the larger scheme of things.

Kleenex profits have to be on the rise with as many tears as "This Is Us" induces on a weekly basis.

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