Hogs Hold Off Seton Hall In Opening Round Of NCAA Tournament

Hogs Hold Off Seton Hall In Opening Round Of NCAA Tournament

Hogs Hold Off Seton Hall In Opening Round Of NCAA Tournament

With 18.3 seconds remaining and his team trailing by one, Desi Rodriguez of Seton Hall put two hands on the back of Jaylen Barford of Arkansas, who tripped and fell forward.

A controversial flagrant-1 call late in Arkansas's win over Seton Hall killed any chance of a late Pirates comeback.

But Seton Hall coach Kevin Willard said the context of the situation should be taken into account. At that point, the Razorbacks chose to turn up the heat.

Carrington picked up his dribble, then ran in a partial circle like an National Football League running back trying to avoid tacklers. What the Pirates really needed though was for a few more shots to go down. That he'd make a mental error of this magnitude in a spot like this is pretty surprising.

With Razorbacks ahead, 72-71, in the final 30 seconds, Seton Hall's Khadeen Carrington was called for travelling. The Pirates tried to do that, but the result was crippling.

Arkansas improves to 5-1 in neutral site games this season and to 13-7 in its last 20 contests away from Bud Walton Arena. Arkansas was awarded two free throws and the ball.

A flagrant 1 personal foul is a personal foul that is deemed excessive in nature and/or unnecessary, but is not based exclusively on the severity of the act. Bradford hit both free throws to put Arkansas up three.

Crowds of Seton Hall fans watched the riveting game, which was down-to-the-wire, from local bars and restaurants. Seton Hall quickly fouled Daryl Macon, and he made it a two-possession game and in essence out of reach for Seton Hall. "They've got the leading rebounder in the country and rebounding is something that we haven't done particularly well consistently". Angel Delgado fouled a 90-percent free-throw shooter on a 20-foot jumper for his fourth foul of the game.

Turner analyst Chris Webber, on the game broadcast, made the case that it was wrong to call a foul like that at that point in the game. That's a flagrant 1.

So there are two potential issues here. Causing excessive contact with an opponent; 2. "The officials called it another way, and that's that". That's sports. Barford might have dramatized his fall, and that's sports, too. "If they thought it's a flagrant foul, it's a flagrant foul".

Willard watched a replay of the flagrant call by the time he spoke to the media after the game. "And that makes a really hard situation".

Willard does not escape here without criticism, not given the haphazard way his team played in those final minutes. "The referees have to officiate the play for its own merits, and that makes a really hard situation". The referees initially ruled that the play was a conventional foul. It's important to note that according to NCAA rules, a player must be making an attempt at going for the ball when fouling, or else it's considered an intentional, flagrant foul. "Hopefully it's something we can take advantage of with our depth".

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