Ford introduces night-time pedestrian detection

Ford introduces night-time pedestrian detection

Ford introduces night-time pedestrian detection

Thanks to the video live-feed and the viewing angle, it can pick out pedestrians at night using only the illumination of the headlights.

But fret not, the automaker's technology keeps improving and the updated pedestrian detection system is now able - for the first time - to see in the dark and will constantly be helping the drivers detect pedestrians at night.

The pedestrian detection system is being incorporated into current Ford vehicles as part of a stepping-stone plan towards the company's move into autonomous vehicles.

Later this year, the technology will be introduced on the next-generation Fiesta in Europe. "Especially driving in towns and cities, pedestrians - sometimes distracted by mobiles - can without warning step into the road, leaving even alert drivers very little time to avoid an accident".

Well, this new safety tech that's been adopted by the F-150 and Mustang is definitely revolutionary and so far, nothing from GM's Chevy Silverado and Camaro matches up to it. (So, um, this Halloween tree costume might not be such a good idea.) If it determines a person is in your path, it can warn you and then - if you do nothing - apply the brakes. "Day and night, Pedestrian Detection is created to help identify people already in - or about to step into - the road ahead". In 2015, three out of four pedestrian road deaths in the US happened in the dark. Ford surveyed thousands of drivers across Europe, finding that 81 percent are scared of driving at night, with one in five respondents specifically citing the possibility of striking a pedestrian as a source of fear.

The fear of being involved in a fatal accident with a pedestrian after night falls affects drivers, too.

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