Woman Miraculously Escapes Raging Mudslide In Peru

Woman Miraculously Escapes Raging Mudslide In Peru

Woman Miraculously Escapes Raging Mudslide In Peru

Amateur video showed one woman's dramatic escape in Punta Hermosa, a suburb of the capital of Lima.

Evangelina Chamorro Diaz, 32, struggled free from a whirlpool of mud on the outskirts of Lima in Peru.

She appeared near a bridge after bolding the mudslide, lifting herself from several wooden planks she walked towards the shore, shaken.

More than 60 people have been killed in Peru in flooding caused by heavy seasonal rains. They held on to each other's hands, but Chamorro eventually lost hold and got separated.

The presidential council of ministers said on Twitter that 750 districts have already declared a state of emergency.

"There's a person there!" an onlooker cried out.

Schools nationwide have suspended classes. She sustained minor injuries and said that grabbing debris helped her survive.

Some 62 people have died, 15,500 hectares of crops were affected and 1,200 kilometers of roads were destroyed throughout the country since the rainy season began in December and ended March 15, according to an official report.

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said on Friday that the rains, which followed a period of severe drought, were a "serious climatic problem". And seven of the nation's most risky criminals were temporarily transported to another facility after a river near the prison threatened to overflow.

The Associated Press, Alliance France-Presse and United Press International reported on this story.

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