'Power Rangers' Actor Admits To Killing Roommate With Sword

'Power Rangers' Actor Admits To Killing Roommate With Sword

'Power Rangers' Actor Admits To Killing Roommate With Sword

Ricardo Medina, 38, of Green Valley, California, faced 26 years to life in prison if convicted of murder.

The actor and Sutter had been arguing about Medina's girlfriend parking outside their Los Angeles home when the attack happened, according to cops.

Prosecutors claimed that Ricardo and Josh got into a heated argument on January 31, 2015 over his girlfriend when things got physical, reports Deadline.

He was arrested again by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in January 2016 on a murder charge stemming from the killing.

According to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office, Medina Jr. Medina stabbed Sutter in the abdomen with a sword kept by his door. After preliminary examination, the District Attorney's Office made a decision to release Medina.

Friedman confirmed the weapon was a "large" double-edged sword, but said Medina used it for self-defense. He also states Sutter was a friend, not a roommate, as has been reported in the past year.

With the series' first live action film hitting theaters next Friday, there's been no shortage of Power Rangers news.

The TMZ website reported previous year the sword used had been a "Conan The Barbarian-style broadsword". He faces six years in prison.

Medina starred as the Red Wild Force Ranger a.k.a. Cole Evans on the Power Rangers Wild Force series on FOX and ABC Kids' in 2002.

He later went on to voice the character of Deker on a later series, Power Rangers Samurai from 2011 to 2012. His other acting credits include a 2003 episode of "ER" and a 2004 episode of "CSI: Miami".

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