Lotus Elise Sprint sheds 90 pounds 03/17/17

Lotus Elise Sprint sheds 90 pounds 03/17/17

Lotus Elise Sprint sheds 90 pounds 03/17/17

ICONIC British sports auto maker Lotus is launching a newcomer to its Elise line-up in April which will be one of the lightest in the range. It sheds 41kg compared to the regular roadster, meaning it dry weight is now just 798kg in total.

To do that, Lotus has added a lithium-ion battery to save 9kg, carbonfibre seats for a 6kg reduction, 5kg lost thanks to new forged wheels, and finally a carbon access panel, roll hoop cover, engine cover and a polycarbonate rear windscreen adding up to 6kg. Today, Lotus says the next-generation, America-bound Elise will weigh less than 2200 lbs. with some gas and an airbag in it, but until we get there, the rest of the world can enjoy the current weight-optimized lineup, starting with the new 217 horsepower Elise Sprint.

Some 21 years ago, the first-generation Lotus Elise weighted 1521 lbs. without its fluids. Available with both the 1.6 and supercharged 1.8-litre engines, the Sprint is - appropriately enough - more accelerative than the regular versions, boasting 0-60mph times of 5.9 and 4.1 seconds respectively. The exterior of the lightweight model is set apart with special alloy wheels, black trim, some stripes and "Sprint" badging.

This is the biggest cut to the mass of the Elise since launch, Lotus claims.

In the cockpit, the gearstick is now housed in an open-gate mesh.

Less weight = more performance, naturally.

It also features the Elise range's new look and new interior options, and all of the Sprint's lightweight components can be specified on the standard Elise Sport and the Elise Sport 220 variants.

The Sprint's reduced weight costs, though: the standard 2017 Elise is priced from £32,300, with the Elise Sprint coming in at £37,300.

The new Elise Sprint goes even further.

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