LG G6 US Pricing & Availability Details Revealed by Carriers

LG G6 US Pricing & Availability Details Revealed by Carriers

LG G6 US Pricing & Availability Details Revealed by Carriers

News of LG G6, the updated LG flagship smartphone, was one of the hottest announcements to come out of the recent Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

For reference, if you do the math, the G6 is actually $720 on AT&T, making it $70 more expensive than T-Mobile's offering. Verizon will be the first one to ship the LG G6, so if you are excited for this smartphone and want to be one of the first with the new LG flagship, you'll want to pre-order from Verizon.

Buy an LG G6 from AT&T and get one free.

Verizon will have the LG G6 up for grabs the earliest - starting on March 30, according to Android Central.

The company's United Kingdom arm confirmed shortly thereafter the offer would not be extended to Brits picking up the new flagship. AT&T Next Every Year customers can get the smartphone at US$30 for 24 months. Couple that with the Google Home offer and you're getting $479 in free stuff, which sort of lowers the price to just $193. If you purchase the device by April 30th, LG will also give you a free Google Home as previously reported. If a buyer pairs the device with its Unlimited Plan that offers unlimited talk, text and data, they can get the phone for $50 per month for a single number, and $90 for two.

To get your hands on the LG G6 at Verizon, you'll need $672 to get the 32GB model, but the carrier has a 24-months plan of $28 per month with $0 down payment for qualified customers. This is usually an extra $10 a month on your phone bill, but makes the watch work for calls and other things without being tethered to a phone.

As of right now we have no additional details regarding LG G6 deals from other carriers.

Again, any carrier (including T-Mobile or Sprint) are eligible for the free Google Home. We've seen similar pricing before with the LG V20 a year ago which also varied across networks.

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