Le Pen foes relish Dutch vote, but French election may be different

Le Pen foes relish Dutch vote, but French election may be different

Le Pen foes relish Dutch vote, but French election may be different

In a radio interview with Nigel Farage, one of the key leaders of the pro-Brexit campaign, Marine Le Pen praised the UK's "honourable" Brexit voters who freed Britain from a "huge prison".

"While we've seen French bonds underperform, they haven't underperformed enough to look attractive for the risk you are still taking because of the risk that Le Pen could pull off an election win", Zahn said, adding that he does not own French government bonds in the European funds he manages.

Mr Macron, a former finance minister stood for "the opposite of what Brexit stands for and the choice made by the British people", she said.

And as Mr Farage attempted to quiz the French presidential hopeful about France's future as a member of the Schengen Agreement, Ms Le Pen shot in: "Of course, immediately".

"When people live on our territory and are not criminals, if they don't dispute our laws, our ways of living, our customs, our values and so on, I see no reason why we should not continue to welcome them in the French style".

"People will move that across to France and say that the far-right parties are similar and maybe Le Pen won't get that boost", he said. Clips of the meeting during Farage's hour-long nightly show showed the two rightwing leaders laughing and criticising the failure of the prime minister, Theresa May, to invite the FN leader to Downing Street. "France will know how to react", said Sapin.

"That is where the populist action is and that is what we should be focusing upon", she said.

France is seen as a key power-broker in the European Union alongside Germany, but Ms Le Pen's warm words may not be welcomed by Prime Minister Theresa May, given the long-standing UK Government policy not to engage with her. We are old allies and economically speaking as well, we have a great many exchanges to implement.

"I find it hard to understand the consistency of the ideas and convictions in this approach of hers because Mr Macron is of course the key salesperson of globalization".

During the hour-long interview broadcast on Farage's LBC show on Wednesday night, during which Le Pen faced few tough questions, the FN leader said she felt a "sense of relief" after Brexit.

"So I do not understand this inconsistency, this contradiction between what Theresa May stands for - because she has chose to be the woman who will implement Brexit - and her meeting with Emmanuel Macron".

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