Senate confirms Trump pick to head Medicare and Medicaid

Senate confirms Trump pick to head Medicare and Medicaid

Senate confirms Trump pick to head Medicare and Medicaid

When Trump announced in November that he was appointing Verma for the post, he said that she would be part of "the dream team that will transform our healthcare system for the benefit of all Americans".

Verma will head the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, an agency that oversees health insurance programs covering more than 130 million Americans. Her biography on the company website indicates that she has "extensive experience redesigning Medicaid programs in several states", including in, where she worked with Vice President Mike Pence when he was governor.

Please Wait while comments are loading. She also voiced her opposition to federal regulations that dissuade physician participation in Medicaid and Medicare.

"President Donald Trump has chosen one of the leading experts in America on state-based healthcare solutions to lead this important agency", Pence said at the swearing-in ceremony at the White House. He credited her for designing Indiana's Medicaid system, Healthy Indiana 2.0 while he was Governor of that state, and in states like Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan and elsewhere to make health care a matter of "personal responsibility and effective care".

Verma, who was sworn in as CMS administrator on Tuesday, implemented a similar Medicaid waiver program in Indiana.

While Verma's had a largely flawless record professionally, there were questions raised nevertheless during her stint as healthcare consultant for the IN government IN 2014. The Indian-American woman will be running the USA government's health program for the elderly, poor and disabled.

McConnell was quoted as saying by U.S. media, "She is committed to protecting Medicare and modernising Medicaid so the programmes deliver the best results for those who need it". The Democrats did put up substantial resistance to Verma's appointment until Republicans called a cloture vote to end debate.

Price and Verma are expected to make changes to numerous Medicaid and Medicare programs that were implemented under the signature legislation of former Democratic President Barack Obama, the 2010 Affordable Care Act, often called Obamacare.

Verma has a tough job ahead. On the flipside it also estimated that the plan would reduce the budget deficit by $330 billion over a period of years.

While Ms. Verma was not asked directly about the QIO program in her confirmation hearing, related work was discussed, such as improving health quality, emphasizing patient-centered care, and reducing costs.

The Senate reached a 55-43 vote Monday evening to confirm Verma, president and CEO of consultancy firm SVC Inc. and contributing force behind Indiana's Medicaid redesign under then-Gov.

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