This Walking Dead Fan-Favorite Is Finally Ready to Take Down Negan

This Walking Dead Fan-Favorite Is Finally Ready to Take Down Negan

This Walking Dead Fan-Favorite Is Finally Ready to Take Down Negan

All we see in an otherwise-empty truck is a crate and a single melon.

BEST ZOMBIE MOMENT: Carol killing her way up to the gates of the Kingdom. At daybreak, she sets off for the Kingdom, dispatching walkers without breaking a sweat. "Is everyone OK?" she pleads. Who wants reanimated cannibal corpses when you could have 45 more minutes of warlord politics?

With a tear, she turns and walks away.

In the end, all that was left of Richard was a backpack with the name "Katy" on it (Richard's daughter we assume), showing just what he had lost and why he went out the way he did.

The Kingdom members prepare their meager drop for the Saviors, bracing for trouble. In the past three weeks, he has had two separate plans for starting a war with the Saviors-which, by the way is a good and smart idea!-and I would like to review them now.

"This world drives people mad", Ezekiel remarks.

In the most recent episode, Benjamin's death took a toll on Morgan, who finally snapped and killed Richard over his fatal mistake. Use your gun to surprise kill them all.

KILLED OFF?: Fans think Sasha could be leaving the show "You have to protect her no matter what - she's the future of this place, I know it". Ezekiel protests, saying he will bring more later. Now it's clear. Richard shorted the melons on goal, knowing the Saviors would kill him, and leaving a newly-dug grave for him to be buried in. Everyone, especially Richard, is in shock. Gavin warns Ezekiel to deliver as promised. As he explains what happened to Ezekiel (Khary Payton), Morgan goes so far as to mistakenly call the late Benjamin "Duane", a reflection of their bond and the fatherly role he had taken in training him.

Morgan's character arc was completed when he turned his back on his own morality and killed Richard. He caused this whole thing. But the other communities need to play nice, and we know that Sasha and Rosita are planning something on their own. Even if we doubt she will kill him in this episode - unless AMC has managed to keep the secret all this time - it may still happen to do some damage, a good shooter she East. That is, if it hadn't ended up with a dead Benjamin. The look in Joshua's eyes makes me think Jared is going to fly off the handle and do something unexpected at any moment.

Just as Richard offers the melon to the Saviors, Morgan pounces on him and beats and strangles him to death in front of everyone. Later, Morgan buries Richard right where his sign requested.

FAVORITE SCENE: Morgan telling Carol what happened to Glenn and Abraham.

Carol leaves and again ventures to the Kingdom. Together, they help Ben's little brother plant a new garden. She is ready to fight the Saviors. "We have to fight". Ezekiel's response of, "We do". If we didn't find out what Morgan was thinking, the episode would have felt empty.

The buildup in the episode was awesome, from the shot of that single melon to Carol waking up, and letting us see that Carol, in spite of her self-imposed solitude, hasn't lost a beat when it comes to being able to handle herself on the road.

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