Justin Bieber to Fans: You Make Me SICK!

Justin Bieber to Fans: You Make Me SICK!

Justin Bieber to Fans: You Make Me SICK!

"He wasn't in a good mood and was adamant that he wouldn't take a photo with me", Helal told the Herald Sun, who admitted that Bieber warned her to back off.

"You're invading my privacy I don't want a photo."

The Baby singer is now Down Under on his goal tour, and while he seemingly had all the time in the world to meet fans in Perth, he clearly wasn't in such a good mood in Melbourne. Lining below the other comments of her friends, Bieber captioned, "Ur so pretty", striking the public's eye. One of the most recent instances in question was captured on video by fans in Germany. So when an Australian woman recently approached him for one in Melbourne, the "Sorry" singer brutally dragged her for the request.

Insiders stated that the move to end the high-selling introductions came after a fan got a little too close to the singer during a specific meet-and-greet.

He posted a snap of his day out with actress Georgie Jennings, 21, in Melbourne on Sunday, captioning it: 'I don't know why people say no new friends, new friends are great'. "It has gotten to the point that people won't even say hi to me or recognize me as a human".

Apparently at the performance that evening Bieber kept hands in his pockets for the first few songs and was apparently as charismatic as a particularly odious slug - so about the same as normal then.

'After years of supporting him, my daughter will never see him again in concert'.

Justin Bieber continued his angry streak as he cursed at photographers and gave them the finger as they interrupted his downtime on Makepeace Island on Tuesday (14Mar17).

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