Google Uptime is a cool way to watch YouTube videos with friends

Google Uptime is a cool way to watch YouTube videos with friends

Google Uptime is a cool way to watch YouTube videos with friends

Area 120 was created by Google a year ago, and it allows employees to use their "20 percent time" on approved side projects.

Uptime, an app developed by Google's Area 120 incubator, has been released today for iOS. As you watch a video you'll see a series of floating avatars around the border (including your own), and you can record your reactions in real time with text, emoji, stickers, or likes.

Google has just launched the mobile application Uptime, to watch YouTube videos with your friends.

Uptime is a place to share and watch videos together with friends. The Uptime application is the result of one of those works and is now finally available to the public.

Uptime is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. And while Uptime is very much separate from the rest of Google and YouTube, it's easy to see how some of these features might eventually find their way into the core YouTube experience. If it is, would you approve?

Another issue is that Uptime is very new, and there now aren't a lot of users sharing videos on the app.

The YouTube Go app is for everyone, but it goes without a say that there are some regions where bandwidth consumption is always an issue. Successful 20 per cent projects have included services like Google News, AdSense and Gmail. A limit to the amount of people you can share videos was not disclosed, but screenshots shows a video sent to 23 people. Uptime is a good start to a new era where video watching transcends the boundary of being a solitary activity and becomes a social one instead.

Uptime is a free download from iTunes in the USA only for now.

Uptime is now iOS-only.

Right now, Uptime is invite-only, though some outlets have suggested trying the code "PIZZA" in order to gain access.

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