3 children rescued from Harrisburg, PA rowhouse fire

3 children rescued from Harrisburg, PA rowhouse fire

3 children rescued from Harrisburg, PA rowhouse fire

Eight months since the Consumer Products Safety Commission recalled almost 500,000 hoverboards for fire safety issues, a three-year-old child has died in a fire that investigators believe was started by a recharging hoverboard.

Two other girls who lived in home were still in critical condition at Lehigh Valley Hospital, pennlive said. The other did not survive.

Enterline said a rechargeable hoverboard plugged into a first-floor electrical outlet was identified as the cause of the blaze. They are now being treated at Lehigh Valley Medical Center.

The Lehigh County coroner's office pronounced toddler Ashanti Hughes dead around midday on Saturday morning. Three minors were pulled from the burning home.

Harrisburg police say after DeVoe left the funeral for the firefighter who died of cancer, he stopped at the fire station on 16th Street to pick up his gear to respond to the fire on Lexington Street.

DeVoe, a married father, and 21-year veteran with Harrisburg Fire Department, was driving back to the station to pick up his gear when the driver of the stolen auto smashed into him.

One of the key questions, Wolfson said, will be to determine whether the hoverboard from Friday's fire was one of roughly 501,000 of the self-balancing scooters recalled by the federal agency past year after several models manufactured in China with lithium-ion battery packs were reported to ignite after overheating. A teenage boy and a man were also hurt, but both were released from the hospital. DeVoe had been in critical serious condition at the Hershey Medical Center, however he later died. The teen faces charges of DUI, receiving stolen property, aggravated assault with a vehicle and making false reports to law enforcement. The investigation into fire is ongoing.

"We would ask if you are using these things and they are knock-off brands, please not use them", fire chief Brian Enterline said at a press conference Saturday.

"They heard the crackling and it started smoking", he said.

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