'I'm coming out of retirement, just to fight Conor McGregor'

Mayweather vs. McGregor is no different.

"I don't want to hear no more excuses about the money and about the UFC".

"I'm the A-side. He called me out, then we have to go by my rules". "He was the A side, I was the B side".

Mayweather, speaking in an interview with BT Sport's Rio Ferdinand, used the analogy of his 2007 fight against Oscar De La Hoya to express how he sees his negotiating power relative to that of 'The Notorious'. But if Mayweather is truly prepared to fight McGregor, the fight could be made before the end of 2017, considering the amount of money that both sides stand to make. McGregor isn't a boxer, and he clearly doesn't have a future in boxing. In it, the former boxing champ disses McGregor, saying that he's ready to fight. Mayweather made well over $200 million for his May 5 fight against Manny Pacquiao, and he's made it clear that he won't come out of retirement unless he's going to get a nine-figure payday.

Mayweather's comments were more or less in line with what he has said throughout a series of public appearance on his "Undefeated" tour. That we'd see him return for a chance to surpass Rocky Marciano's 49-0 record of (which he is now tied on). It seems, however, that the two fighters can't get terms and logistics in place.

"When I faced Arturo Gatti, I went to his turf", Mayweather said, referring to his first pay-per-view main event. "There's more money for him if he takes the fight with me". If you really want to fight, sign the fucking contract and we can make it happen. "Let's get it on in June".

Mayweather was the long-reigning pound-for-pound king of boxing, 49-0 overall, when he retired after a September 2015 win over Andre Berto. I don't think this is a good look for Mayweather's legacy.

Or would Mayweather go easy on him and toy with the Irishman in an nearly WWE spectacle more so than a boxing match? They ask me about this fight always. Those are all fights that Mayweather could lose and lose badly.

Mayweather shot down that report with a February 14 tweet. Those aren't unskilled boxers.

They actually know how to fight.

"To be in the biggest fight in boxing history". Canelo, Thurman and Golovkin would be looking to take Mayweather's head off with every punch they throw.

"If you wanna fight sign the paperwork".

Since that time, Mayweather has largely scoffed at the idea of returning to the ring until the proposed fight with McGregor started inching closer towards reality.

Also, McGregor doesn't promote his own fights.

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