Trump team knew Flynn was possible foreign agent before Inauguration Day

Trump team knew Flynn was possible foreign agent before Inauguration Day

Trump team knew Flynn was possible foreign agent before Inauguration Day

"Although the Flynn Intel Group was engaged by a private firm, Inovo BV, and not by a foreign government, because of the subject matter of the engagement, Flynn Intel Group's work for Inovo could be construed to have principally benefited the Republic of Turkey", the filing said.

In August 2016, Flynn Intel Group Inc. was retained by the Netherlands-based consulting firm Inovo BV for research into Fethullah Gülen and his associations with US charter schools.

Former U.S. national security adviser Michael Flynn has retroactively admitted he was working as a foreign agent in the interests of the Turkish government in the months before he joined the Trump administration.

Flynn's company reportedly received a total of $530,000 for the work, which was conducted between August and November, thus covering Flynn's run as Trump's campaign military adviser.

Trump asked for Flynn's resignation in February after the former general misled Pence and other administration officials about his conversations with the Russian ambassador, which included sanctions being placed on that country.

The new details follow remarks Thursday by Vice President Mike Pence, who said he was unaware of Flynn's foreign agent work until this week. He also wrote an op-ed calling for the kick out an anti-government Turkish cleric without disclosing he was being paid for the task.

And Mr Pence seemed less forgiving than Mr Spicer. In September, Flynn's firm was invited by Alptekin to meet with Turkish officials in New York-a meeting, which was confirmed by Turkish businessman.

The work was disclosed in September 2016, and Flynn's group terminated its contract and ceased operations after his appointment, the letter says.

Failing to register is a felony, though the Justice Department rarely pursues charges in such cases.

But Alptekin told Associated Press he disagreed with Flynn's decision to file the registration documents, saying it was borne out of "political pressure" from the Department of Justice in recent weeks.

If Donald Trump didn't know his own top adviser and person he appointed as National Security Adviser was working, quite literally, as a foreign agent at the time, he is too foolish to be president.

And that, in turn, creates an awkward dynamic: the Trump campaign and Turkey were paying Flynn at the same time?

He dismissed questions about whether the information should have given the transition team pause, saying Mr Flynn had "impeccable credentials".

Flynn Intel Group Inc.

On Friday, Spicer clarified his earlier remarks by saying Flynn's lawyers had contacted a member of the transition team about the work, White House legal council Don McGahn, but only for advice on whether or not Flynn needed to register.

An official at the Turkish embassy in Washington said he would refer the questions to the embassy spokesman.

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