Fernando Alonso hits out at his own team in Barcelona

Fernando Alonso hits out at his own team in Barcelona

Fernando Alonso hits out at his own team in Barcelona

The Woking team are now bottom of the timesheets for laps completed over the two weeks in Barcelona, with the performance of their Honda engine heavily criticised by Fernando Alonso.

With eight days of running completed, Alonso managed a total of 190 laps, and Vandoorne 235 - which is a poor showing when compared to Mercedes who completed more than 1000.

Following another hard day of testing which demonstrated once again the limitations of Honda's power unit, the Spanish driver derided the Japanese manufacturer, insisting that big decisions at the top are now necessary to resolve the situation. The Honda engine has no reliability and no power. I think we are 30 km/h down on every straight. I feel positive and confident in the auto - when I'm out on track I feel comfortable to push straight away and get the maximum out of it. "Everything feels good, but when you arrive to normal speed, you'll know what is going to happen".

"I will not stop racing without a good feeling that I feel I deserve", he said. Fernando Alonso says that the chassis responds well to changes and everything about it works fine. I'm happy with the balance, I'm happy with how I attack the corner. "Ok, we now have some problems, but it hasn't affected my confidence in any way".

And he says the subsequent problems have put them well behind their rivals ahead of the season-opener in Melbourne on March 26. We've had some problems and it's far from an ideal situation, but we're aware of it and we're working very hard to make sure we make big improvements before we go to Melbourne.

"From day one we keep unlocking a little bit the situation in terms of power and in terms of reliability".

"It's always important to do long runs because there's many things you discover by completing a lot of consecutive laps".

"As we do 40 laps every day we are in day two of testing and discovering those things".

Vandoorne said after witnessing the progress McLaren and Honda made through the last two years, it was a surprise to see the partnership back in so much trouble. The second priority is to be competitive, to eventually be in the battle for the top five, get to the podium and win races - everything we dreamed of for this year.

"This is not the Australia-spec engine but it's an evolution from what we had last week".

"We are not matching our expectations".

"As of today we may have even less power than previous year, but we're running with settings that are not even close to the ones we'll use in Australia, for different reasons, for different problems we have in the engine".

Now a week later, according to ESPN the engine problem still remains.

Asked where exactly the Honda power unit was lacking, Alonso added: "I don't know, it's a question for Honda where they are lacking power".

It was an otherwise encouraging few hours for McLaren - by their Winter Testing standards, anyway - as Vandoorne had clocked the team's fastest lap of year, a 1:21.348, prior to the first stoppage.

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