'World's heaviest woman' has surgery in India, loses 100 kgs

'World's heaviest woman' has surgery in India, loses 100 kgs

'World's heaviest woman' has surgery in India, loses 100 kgs

Abd El Aty is now at Mumbai, India's Saifee Hospital, where she's lost more than 220 pounds since arriving in January.

The 37-year-old Egyptian patient is taking oral fluids and "accepting them well". They would focus on correcting all her associated medical problems so that she can be fit enough to fly back to Egypt as soon as possible. The procedure involves removing a major portion of the stomach, leaving a narrow gastric tube, or "sleeve". Her body mass index then was 252, ten times higher than normal mark.

As told by the family of the women to the doctors, Eman as a child she was diagnosed with elephantiasis, a condition that causes the limbs and other body parts to swell, leaving her nearly immobile. Water accounted for 70 to 100 kgs of her total weight.

A spokeswoman for head doctor Muffazal Lakdawala said: "Eman has lost over 100kg and has been shedding weight gradually on a daily basis with all the treatment and support".

On Tuesday a surgery was performed on Eman which would help in restricting the amount of food intake.

"We would not like to operate under intense media pressure", bariatric surgeon Dr Muffazal Lakdawala had said during an earlier press conference. There is no history of obesity in her family, inclining the doctors to suspect a genetic mutation may be responsible for the uncontrolled weight gain. For last two years she was restricted to her bed due to paralysis attack and complete loss of mobility.

Shen she arrived at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport she was transported to Saifee Hospital for the surgery on a truck in February. She is now in post-op care and being prepped for a flight home.

Though the hospital authorities declined to give details of the actual weight loss accrued till date, it is believed to be another 100 kgs or so.

Eventually Ms Ahmed lost the strength to move on her own and was bedridden for 25 years.

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