No Man's Sky is getting Path Finder Update this week

No Man's Sky is getting Path Finder Update this week

No Man's Sky is getting Path Finder Update this week

Since its initial launch, Hello Games has been rather silent regarding upcoming news for their space exploration game.

Aspiring interstellar astronauts now exploring the cosmos, take a break and pitch a comfy home base on whatever foreboding planet is in your vicinity.

Hello Games apparently intends to make good on its commitment to keep working on No Man's Sky, augmenting it with updates. The creative mode of foundation update has removed that threats from the game to render players the freedom to explore and build at their leisure. The report also linked the release of the Path Finder Update to the release of "Mass Effect Andromeda", BioWare's action RPG, which also involves space exploration and will be released on March 21. After the backlash against Hello Games, for which several users believed were just false advertising, PC Gamer has reported. "No Man's Sky" continues to be up there though the attention it had past year has dramatically diminished.

Hello Games continue to work on the much-troubled No Man's Sky, announcing today that a new patch called Path Finder will be coming soon.

The note further acknowledges issues with the Foundation patch but that the team is both encouraged by community feedback and by its reception after hotfixes were released to address issues.

Apart from this, the developers have yet to share any other details that will come with the said vehicle.

Hello Games has always been wanted to allure back all the discredit players of "No Man's Sky".

Whether or not the influx of content updates is enough to win over and tempt people to purchase the game remains to be seen.

An awfully long time has passed since we last heard a peep out of No Man's Sky developer Hello Games, but that clearly shouldn't be taken as a sign that post-launch support of the spacefaring adventure title has concluded.

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