WikiLeaks Drops Another Bombshell, This Time on Central Intelligence Agency

WikiLeaks says the audio goes to a covert Central Intelligence Agency server rather than a party authorized by Samsung. But current and former United States officials said that details contained in the documents suggest that they are legitimate.

On Tuesday morning, WikiLeaks published "Year Zero", the first release in a series that it's calling "Vault 7". "It could be potentially more unsafe than Snowden", said Bob Stasio, a fellow at the Truman National Security Project.

The organization, which has leaked everything from USA diplomatic cables to Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman's emails, posted the documents Tuesday.

WikiLeaks has published documents that it claims reveal the extent of the CIA's hacking and cyber espionage tools. Wikileaks say they will not publish the source code until a "consensus emerges on the technical and political nature of the CIA's program and how such "weapons" should analyzed, disarmed and published".

Joshua Foust, a National Security Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, noted as early as early as 2013 in "War is Boring", that Wikileaks had stark connections to Russian intelligence agencies.

Critics have blasted WikiLeaks in recent months for broadcasting what they deemed to be politically charged disinformation during the recent USA presidential election, and for publishing hacked documents allegedly stolen by Russian agents.

The Central Intelligence Agency has maintained a wide range of exploits to hack into smartphones and other connected devices, according to a trove of almost 9,000 government documents released by WikiLeaks Tuesday. Facebook declined to comment.

Wikileaks' report even suggests that the CIA was developing tools that could remotely control certain vehicle software and could allow the agency to cause "accidents" which would effectively be "nearly undetectable assassinations". The Windows operating system runs more than 90 per cent of desktop computers, according to Net Applications.

"We are literally coating our house, our most personal space, in new Internet of Things devices that are being rushed to market, usually without much thought in terms of data security", Dore says.

An intelligence source told the Journal that the information does relate to CIA hacking devices and techniques, and that the information could "jeopardize ongoing intelligence-gathering operations". Samsung didn't immediately respond to requests for comment.

WikiLeaks said it redacted and removed some identifying information in the content, including tens of thousands of "CIA targets and attack machines" in Latin America, Europe and the US.

WikiLeaks said that although the documents include "armed" cyber weapons, it chose not to make those details public.

The leak also confirmed that the agency uses many zero day exploits to attack devices.

Though the government's ability to use of people's squawk boxes to listen to their chatter shocked many on Tuesday, Samsung itself had also previously warned about smart TVs microphones.

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