School of Ed Dean talks issues in education

Howard said he disagrees with DeVos' past work to provide charter and private schools with public funding.

College students are typically using the word "terrified" when explaining their outlook on what Betsy DeVos could potentially do to public schooling, and it's no doubt that DeVos is under qualified to be making judgements on the functionality of public schooling and what it has to offer for 90% of students in our nation.

At the same time, this advocate expressed no regrets about the energy expended to fight DeVos.

Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota asked DeVos on her stance regarding the difference between proficiency and growth of students during her Senate confirmation hearing. Therefore, the citizens are very invested in creating good public schools and reject their defunding by the application of charter schools.

Bucks isn't the only public school that has students that expressively oppose Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. "That's not the way to do it". This truly is how societies start to fall apart and those that know me know I don't generally go down that path. Study the facts and prevent the dismantling of public education.

DeVos has zero teaching experience, let alone an education degree, and has a strong preference towards for-profit/charter schools.

DeVos said she called Weingarten after her confirmation and they agreed to tour two schools together - one a traditional public school that Weingarten will choose and another selected by DeVos. It is so critical that our teachers' voices are heard and needs met, but when the student is totally forgotten and ignored, unions have overstepped their boundaries.

Charter schools assume giving parents a public or private "choice" is a solution to low quality public schooling, but in reality its injunctions are far from that mandate.

Both ideology and money drive the school choice and charter school movement.

"One of the downfalls of the voucher program is (it's) taking tax dollars from school districts to fund private schools outside of the district's boundary", Ladd said.

It remains to be seen whether the backlash to DeVos affects her time as secretary, and if the Democrats get long-term political benefits from their opposition to her. "It's how a teacher relates to the class; it's how they inspire the class, and it may be that the affective domain is the key to connecting to the cognitive domain-that if people feel successful, they feel loved, they feel part of a family, I think that's when learning is enhanced, so we want to keep those things part of our school culture".

"I actually work in Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming in the summers, so I thought that was very amusing because I know that is not how you handle grizzly bears", Hartenstein said.

"At St. John's, because of our Vincentian mission, we have a focus on social justice, so we want to be sure that all kids can have a great education regardless of their ability to afford it", he said.

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