Nintendo Switch Patent Diagrams Show VR Headset Accessory

As it happens, the Tokyo event will be held on January 13 local time and hours after we are given the above details a media event will begin in America's largest city, New York.

For the first two days of each tour stop, Friday and Saturday, people must be invited by Nintendo. If you're in one of the following cities on the indicated days, you could be one of the first to try the Nintendo Switch.

The company's doing a show tour of sorts in advance of the system's March 2017 release, and it kicks off immediately after the Nintendo Switch Presentation that'll livestream from Tokyo on january 12. Patents that Nintendo filed for the Nintendo Switch, however, reveal that there might be more to the hybrid console.

You can find the cities the Switch will be coming to, including the dates, below. Nintendo warns that space will be limited, and fans will be allowed to check out the console on a first-come, first-serve basis.

With the many rumors involving the Nintendo Switch, however, some might be thinking that Nintendo will likely not be making any surprise announcements in the upcoming event.

Nintendo actually admitted that it was looking into virtual reality earlier this year.

Nintendo is giving fans a major opportunity: a chance to go hands-on with the Nintendo Switch console before it hits retail.

We now know when and where gamers will be able to try out the Switch before it releases.

What it looks like now is that Nintendo has been planning a lot more than detachable controllers for the Nintendo Switch.

The Nintendo Switch tour will also come to San Antonio's PAX South where games will be launched from January 27 to 29, PAX East in Boston from March 10 through 12, SXSW in Austin, Texas on March 16 through 18.

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