Fox national poll shows Clinton leading by six points

The media will likely to continue to frame this as a question of gender, but it seems clear that the level of education voters have is a huge, perhaps even larger, factor. But the male vote depends on a college education: Those without a degree support Trump by an 18-point margin, whereas those with one choose Clinton by a 12-point gap.

Who: Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News; Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein failed to make the debate based on recent polling.

In their final showdown before voters cast their ballots, presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may focus on some of the hot-topic issues that escaped them in the first two debates. His defense has been offense, going after Clinton about her deleted private emails and threatening a prosecution if he is elected.

Clinton is also running away with the contest among non-white voters, leading by 51 points, and voters under the age of 30, leading by 19 points.

This final debate will be one of the last chances for either campaign to sway voters and will mark the final countdown to Election Day on November 8.

Over the last week, Trump has intensified his criticism of the American electoral system.

Among men the picture is more mixed: the GOP candidate leads among men age 45 and over by an average of 12 points.

A Pew Center on the States study estimates 24 million voter registrations - one of every eight - are significantly inaccurate or no longer valid; 2.75 million people have registrations in more than one state, and more than 1.8 million dead people are listed as voters. "But that's fantasy", said Republican strategist Rick Tyler, who doesn't support his party's nominee.

Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon said the Democratic nominee "will be ready for whatever scorched-earth tactics (Trump) tries" in Wednesday's debate.

The Fox News survey of 912 likely voters was conducted between October 15 and October 17 and has a margin of error of 3 percentage points. Clinton and McMullin were tied in independents at 28 percent apiece with Trump just behind at 23 percent. The Washington Post/Survey Monkey poll found Trump ahead by one percent over Clinton in Arizona. "So the idea that he'd be maneuvering to be president right now strikes me as far-fetched", Cole said. Recent potential problems have flown under the radar due to Trump's self-immolation, but he's likely to attack her hard on new WikiLeaks revelations and recently released Federal Bureau of Investigation notes that suggest some discussion of "quid pro quo" within the government relating to her emails.

The polls showing tightening races in Republican strongholds could be another red flag for the Trump campaign as the presidential election enters the final three weeks on Tuesday.

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