Creepy clown reports have reached Chico

The creepy clown phenomenon has spread to Ottawa, after police got reports of two sightings in Barrhaven and one school board sent home a warning letter to parents.

This leads some to wonder if the costumes are still appropriate for Halloween.

DeKalb police encourage residents to have an enjoyable and responsible Halloween season that does not involve any participation in "clowning".

The district is simply being proactive, according to Reese, who also posted yesterday's email to his staff on the district's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Spain says his costumes are actually good-natured, but he's not sure how they'll be used.

The scary clown costumes recreate popular horror movie characters.

The spate of scary clown sightings has prompted the president of the World Clown Association to issue a statement saying that anyone dressed in clown regalia and making threats isn't really a clown.

Multiple school districts including RPS 205, Roscoe schools and Harlem schools said so called "creepy" clowns made threats on social media sites including Facebook and Instagram.

Have you seen a creepy clown in Victoria? "I've heard a few sightings around here, but nothing confirmed".

"It's a cultural behavior we are seeing", Knudson said about the reports on campus.

"Probably if they saw a rash of things happening in this general area, more than likely, yes".

"It's frustrating because clowns are such a wonderful and magical persona, that kids need at birthday parties or adults need", Diane Gauthier, professional clown, said. "They are not clowns".

The superintendents of school boards across Nova Scotia met with the Deputy Minister of Education on Thursday to discuss the on-going threats, how many there are, where they are, and why they keep happening.

"The "V for Vendetta" mask a couple years back when it first came out".

That phase mainly consisted of just yelling at people.

"We do our best to try and control it, and pay attention to everything that's happening, but people like the popularity that comes with it", Blume said.

A "Clown Lives Matter" walk is being held next week in Arizona.

If you're wondering why people would confuse a cuddly clown with a name like "Snuggles" with a "psycho killer", well.

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