Israel tightens security for Jewish New Year

Israel tightens security for Jewish New Year

Israel tightens security for Jewish New Year

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip have demonstrated near the border with Israel almost every Friday to show solidarity with the Jerusalem Intifada taking place in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem.

However, on Monday the court "decided to implement the cabinet's decision to hold elections in all local councils except in the Gaza Strip".

On September 8, the court suspended the polls following disputes between Fatah and Hamas over candidate lists.

"It's clear that the Palestinian split and the deep rift between Fatah and Hamas is the main cause of the harm to the election process". President Mahmoud Abbas, who leads Fatah, made a decision to press ahead with the vote in the West Bank without Hamas.

Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the capital of a state they seek to establish in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israel permitted limited voting in East Jerusalem in 2006, the last time elections were held, but in July said it wouldn't allow elections to take place in areas of Jerusalem deemed under its sovereignty.

The Amona settlement was ordered demolished by December 25 by Israel's High Court of Justice, which said the homes were constructed on Palestinian property without the appropriate permits.

The new date for the upcoming election is expected to be announced next month.

The election in Gaza has been canceled.

This year's vote was planned with 81-year-old Abbas under heavy political pressure as opinion polls have suggested most Palestinians would like him to step down.

Hamas immediately dismissed Monday's decision as "political".

Hamas boycotted the last Palestinian municipal elections in 2012, but it had been due to participate this year.

Israelis went to the market on Sunday (Oct 2) for last-minute purchases as they prepared for the Jewish New Year, which begins at sundown, amid tightened security and the closure of the Palestinian territories.

Israel annexed East Jerusalem, which Palestinians claim as their future capital, following the war of 1967, a move that has not been recognized under global law.

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