Charlotte police release remaining Keith Lamont Scott video

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has released the full versions of the body and dashcam video of officers' encounter with Keith Lamont Scott, a black man who was killed on September 20 by a Charlotte, N.C. officer.

"I can tell you that it is very hard to watch. There are real life consequences to the decision that an officer makes to pull the trigger", said Justin Bamberg, Scott family attorney. "That is extremely hard to watch but that is the reality of these situations".

CMPD says plainclothes officers were in the area to serve a warrant on another person when they encountered Scott. He doesn't respond when officers continually ask him for his name as they tend to him.

Scott's death led to two nights of violent protests, including unrest hours after the shooting September 20 and more violence in downtown Charlotte the next night.

"We still don't know and this video does not shine any light on whether or not a firearm was found or was in his possession or where it was found".

Police were going to let it go and continue on their original mission until an officer spotted a weapon in the vehicle, Putney said. "Those questions still remain", Bamberg said. Officers in the video said they found three bullet wounds on Scott- on his wrist, abdomen, and on the back of his shoulder. Investigators say that Scott refused to follow the officers' repeated verbal commands.

While a gun is not seen in the footage, one officer is heard telling another to "come watch this gun".

Moments later, the officer says to Scott: "Hey, that's Medic coming for you, boss".

North Carolina government's formal intervention to help Charlotte investigate a fatal police shooting and keep the peace following violent protests has cost $1.7 million so far.

Police have maintained that Scott had a gun, while family members have said he wasn't armed when he was shot at his townhouse complex. "In fact, it's my belief that if that firearm was within that section of his body you would have seen it because the officer with the body camera was standing right there". That encounter ended in Scott being shot and killed.

According to the funeral home's website, Scott's funeral, scheduled for Thursday in James Island, South Carolina, has been canceled due to Hurricane Matthew.

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