Federal Bureau of Investigation head: Extremism apparent influence in Minnesota attack

Federal Bureau of Investigation head: Extremism apparent influence in Minnesota attack

Federal Bureau of Investigation head: Extremism apparent influence in Minnesota attack

The immunity deal for Cheryl Mills was limited to information contained on her laptop, Comey told a Senate committee, adding that the FBI's collective judgment was that "we need to get to that laptop". Unlike Tuesday, however, the FBI director was the sole witness at the House hearing, making him the lone defender of the bureau against GOP criticism.

Comey said the Federal Bureau of Investigation had also detected a variety of 'scanning activities, ' which he said are an early indication of hacking.

"It seems clear that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton committed multiple felonies involving the passing of classified information through her private email server".

"I don't know", Comey said.

Rep. John Conyers of MI, senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, said Wednesday the FBI should investigate whether Russian Federation is working to undermine the USA presidential election. "Our business is always to decide what evidence do we have that would convince us not to believe that person".

If FBI Director James Comey had held that position in 1973, the Watergate scandal never would have come to light because Comey would have covered it up, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday.

Republicans used the hearing to press Comey on why Clinton was allowed to bring Mills to her own interview with the FBI, given that Mills herself was involved in the investigation. At left is Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson.

FBI Director James Comey told Conyers he could not confirm or deny whether the FBI is investigating news reports suggesting that a Trump adviser may have communicated with Russian officials.

This seems as if Comey is warning about something that many Americans have been called bigoted and Islamophobic for worrying about, but, hey, I guess we should just be happy that he chose to join the party.

"We are not on anybody's side".

Democrats, for their part, tried to get Mr. Comey to confirm reports that the FBI was investigating whether any advisers to the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had engaged in illicit or illegal contact with Russians under USA sanctions. That said, Comey emphasized to Congress, there's no reason to panic, "This is very different than the vote system in the United States, which is very, very hard for someone to hack into because it's so clunky and dispersed", he said.

Republicans on the committee also grilled Comey over the controversial conclusion of the Clinton email case.

Wednesday's hearing was the second time in two days that Comey faced questions from members of Congress.

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