Tim Tebow Will Continue to Serve as SEC Network Analyst

Now, it is the Mets sharing the burden of handling naysayers, but in a conference call on Thursday, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson and Tebow both showed a willingness to ignore the haters and embrace the opportunity. Ten teams were interested in Tim Tebow.

Fred Wilpon's Mets tried to be George Steinbrenner's Yankees here, and knowledgeable locals understand why. That was the one non-negotiable part of his deals.

Alderson acknowledged that when Tebow held his workout, not "all the boxes checked off" with high ratings. This is a Bill Veeck move, not a George Steinbrenner move. He belted three homers during his batting practice including one that was over 400 feet long. Meet the new Mets, ladies and gentlemen. Tebow is 29 years old, much older than the typical baseball prospect.

Contracts are contracts, but those who weren't taking Tebow's baseball quest seriously to begin with certainly won't be impressed by this development. When that time comes, it will be the Marlins' problem to deal with him. Starting Tebow off in Brooklyn would mean keeping him in extended spring training until the New York-Penn League season kicks off in mid-June, but that's probably not the worst idea given that he hasn't played baseball since high school. Why change the focus now?

The Mets just created a 25-plus-one-man roster.

Tebow will be keeping his job with ESPN and the SEC Network while playing in the instructional league for the Mets.

Alderson replied that that was not the case, although that will not quiet speculation that it is. He forgot to mention that Hall of Famer Mike Piazza was drafted in the 62nd round.

Alderson said Tebow's athletic prowess and relative celebrity status could be more a benefit than most realize, but he also stressed Tebow's "makeup" as a reason the Mets took the chance. "My best position is whatever they feel like it is", he said.

He didn't really have a good answer.

Of course, Tebow already experienced that as a member of the Jets.

"I would consider success giving everything I have, putting in the work", he said.

That's an interesting statement considering that Tebow will make his baseball debut in the fall instructional league in Port St. Lucie, Florida on September 19.

It is possible that the Mets could sent Tebow to the Arizona Fall League, as the Mets now have one spot to fill, but that spot will more than likely belong to a pitcher, according to Jon Morosi. Moeller said Tebow profiles as a power hitter.

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