Samsung tells Korean customers to stop using Galaxy Note 7

Samsung tells Korean customers to stop using Galaxy Note 7

Samsung tells Korean customers to stop using Galaxy Note 7

Another carrier in the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, has already temporarily banned the use of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on board its flights, and the UAE also has two low-priced airlines, flydubai and Air Arabia.

In a statement posted on its website, Samsung asked users around the world to "immediately" return their existing Galaxy Note 7 and get a replacement.

Consumers can visit Samsung's service centers to receive rental phones for temporary use.

Samsung estimated that less than 0.1 percent of devices would be affected by the problem, but issued a recall of the Galaxy Note 7 on September 2 and promised to replace all 2.5 million of the phones due to the faulty batteries. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission encouraged owners to shut down their devices as Samsung works to recall the phones.

An investigation by Samsung found faulty rechargeable lithium batteries from one of its suppliers were the cause of the fires.

The U.S. was among the first countries to take a step following the recall.

Scandinavian Airlines said Saturday that it has prohibited passengers from using the Galaxy Note 7 on its flights because of concerns about fires. Australia's top airlines banned the phone from their flights.

The company has confirmed 35 cases of its devices catching fire, majority occurring while the battery was being charged.

Since then, at least two more cases have been reported, including at hotel in Perth, prompting the company to call for an "immediate" end to all use by customers.

"The General Civil Aviation Authority has banned operating, charging and carrying in bags the Samsung Note 7 on board national carriers' flights", it said in a statement carried by the official WAM news agency today.

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