Abhi chooses Pragya over Alia!

Abhi chooses Pragya over Alia!

Abhi chooses Pragya over Alia!

Pragya is relieved that she could distract Abhi so he doesn't think about the picture. Purab thinks to play with the video game with Abhi and Dadi asked him to take care of Abhi. Pragya called Purab and asked him to meet. While Abhi is seen exercising, he gets a call from Mr. Sethi, who asks him for pending songs recording. Just then Pragya notices Purab coming and diverts Abhi's attention saying someone is asking for him. Pragya thanks Purab for helping him. Pragya apologises and tells him that she felt relieved seeing Abhi. He came out and asked Aaliya as why she was shouting on Pragya. Abhi sees Aaliya and tells her that he needs to fulfil his commitments so he came to the studio to record.

Abhi then asked if he was college going and said that he was getting mad as he wanted all his answers.

Pragya is in office and she is just now upset and lost in the Abhi's memory that is why now Pragya is unable to concentrate on her official works in the office. She will destroy Pragya's life. Pragya realised that mean Alia lies to her that he is on the holiday with Tanu. She even tells her that Aaliya might go insane looking at how close Abhi and Pragya are. Pragya stated that Abhi was her only and would come to her. Aaliya asked her to shut up and get away from her eyes. Aaliya tells Abhi that Pragya spoke rudely with her in front of everyone. Aaliya loses her cool and yells at her in front of everyone and asks her to stay in her limits. Abhi tells Aaliya that Pragya is harmless and she can't do any such thing.

Abhi heard her shouting on Pragya. Dad asked to him that the picture is from a photo shoot. Abhi doesn't buy the fact that anyone could convince HIM to do something like this but goes along with what Daadi says. Alia asks if Abhi said anything about going out of the house. She got up and wiped it off. Abhi was still tensed but Pragya said that people would talk all that rubbish about his marriage and all as he was a rock star.

Abhi is wondering if there is anyone who can tell him the truth about the picture.

Somehow something happens in which Pragya and Abhi share some proximity as Abhi already sees Pragya here in the coffee shop and Pragya asked that she arrives here to have coffee.

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