Welp: Drake's Dad Just Shut Down His Relationship With Rihanna

The rumor mill has been at work as of late surrounding the relationship status of Drake and Rihanna.

Anyone else fed up of the supposed on-off relationship between Drake and Rihanna?

The 29-year-old entertainer had a concert in Los Angeles that night, and afterwards, he took Ri to The Nice Guy for an after party.

Pressed even further, TMZ asks if Dennis is happy to see them together: "There's no relationship, they're friends!" he insists. "No, they're friends", he said. They also kissed (twice!) and got matching camouflage shark tattoos, so forgive us for thinking we had an official couple on our hands... "I don't know about settling down... no, they're friends", Papa Graham revealed in the company of some fine lady friends.

A day after cameras caught Drizzy and RiRi in New York City, the reunited couple flew down to Miami, Florida together. "No, they're friends", he replied. He doesn't wanna think about it so much that he's just outright denying it.

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