Sofia Richie Says She and Justin Bieber Have a 'Special Relationship'

Sofia Richie Says She and Justin Bieber Have a 'Special Relationship'

Sofia Richie Says She and Justin Bieber Have a 'Special Relationship'

Sofia Richie is finally opening up about her relationship with Justin Bieber in the latest issue of Billboard magazine.

Sofia and Justin first sparked romance rumors last month when they were spotted holding hands on a beach in Laguna Beach, California, and enjoying a morning hike in Los Angeles.

The same can't be said for Justin, who threatened his fans with making his Instagram page - which he later deleted - private over comments about Sofia.

"Everyone had their own idea of what my music should sound like, and I just wanted to be an individual". Her dad, Lionel Richie, was even tight-lipped as TMZ asked him about the relationship as he was hanging out in Beverly Hills. "Doesn't. Bother. Me As long as I'm happy".

Well, his girlfriend Sofia Richie just did the exact same thing... except on her finger and not her lovely face!

Despite the attention her relationship receives, Sofia insists she doesn't care and has learned how to cope with the trickier sides of fame from watching how her older sister, Nicole Richie, coped in the spotlight.

"I remember the paparazzi and the s**t people would say to Nicole, and she wouldn't respond", she explains.

"I like just jeans and a T-shirt, with some high-tops", she tells Billboard in a behind-the-scenes video from her cover shoot.

Richie already has an impressive modelling portfolio, having appeared in the pages of Elle, Vogue China and Vanity Fair Italy. It's not much, but she did acknowledge the fact that there is something there between the pair. "I'm so sorry, I've got to go back upstairs'".

As for her modeling career, which is now on the rise thanks to Kanye West's latest show and serving as the face of Madonna's teen line, Material Girl, she still sees her career going another way.

"I love modeling because I get to see everything that inspires me", she says. "Then I go home and sketch", Sofia continues, adding that it's her dream to debut her own ready-to-wear collection of "trenches, high-waisted trousers, pantsuits [and] silks".

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