Minnesota Man Confesses Deeply Chilling Details of Jacob Wetterling Kidnapping and Murder

Minnesota Man Confesses Deeply Chilling Details of Jacob Wetterling Kidnapping and Murder

Minnesota Man Confesses Deeply Chilling Details of Jacob Wetterling Kidnapping and Murder

Heinrich led authorities to Wetterling's grave as part of the plea deal, the Star Tribune reported.

The now-confessed killer was arrested a year ago after about 150 images of child porn were found in his possession.

The Wetterling family and the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center released a statement on Saturday, pledging to continue to spread hope in Jacob's name.

The Wetterling family attorney says his clients not only signed off on the plea deal that would result in the discovery of their murdered son, they also visited the site where the child's remains were found.

On Wednesday - one day after hearing Heinrich confess to her son's murder - Patty Wetterling asked Kelley to speak publicly on the family's behalf.

"If that's what the endpoint of this part, this chapter of the story is, what we can do to make the world better for kids that's a good way for this chapter of the story to end" said Alison Feigh, Program Manager for JWRC.

When his father, Jerry Wetterling, coached his Central Minnesota Youth Soccer Association team in St. Joseph, Minn., Jacob, 11, wore a red jersey with the number "11" on it.

Though not charged with murder, Luger said, Heinrich "is not getting away with anything".

Heinrich said at some point a patrol auto with sirens and lights passing nearby caused him to panic.

"What did I do wrong?"

"I want to say, Jacob, I'm so sorry". He dragged the boy about 100 yards from the scene of the shooting and buried him using construction equipment.

"It was important to everyone working this the case that Jacob's parents understand what was happening and why, and it was important to us that they were supportive", the source explains. When the boy complained of being cold, he told him to get dressed. Instead of items that would tie Heinrich to Jacob, authorities found dozens of images of child pornography, including 19 3-ring binders that contained pictures of naked boys, court documents say.

"I panicked. I pulled the revolver out of my pocket ..."

Initially, he said, he used a Bobcat to dig a hole and bury Jacob and camouflage the area with grass and twigs. He told Jacob to turn around, held the gun to the boy's head and pulled the trigger, he said.

For Jacob's mother, Heinrich provided the truth she had sought for almost three decades, no matter how harsh. The man who took him, 53-year-old Danny Heinrich, admitted in federal court Tuesday to abducting Jacob, sexually assaulting him and killing him. Investigators long believed the two cases might be connected, due to the description of the suspect in each case, and Heinrich was tied by circumstantial evidence to the Cold Spring attack as early as February 1990.

The DNA on the sweatshirt of another assault victim matched Heinrich, setting many other things in motion, including a search of Heinrich's property.

The statute of limitations had expired in both Scheierl's case and a series of sexual assaults around Paynesville.

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