Putin says Russia didn't hack US Democratic Party

Putin says Russia didn't hack US Democratic Party

Putin says Russia didn't hack US Democratic Party

"I want to thank President of the Republic of Korea Park Geun-hye and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe for their participation in the oceanarium opening", Putin said during a tour of the Primorye Oceanarium on the sidelines of an global economic forum.

Even with the country mired in the longest recession in two decades, Mr Putin's ruling party is expected to win a majority of seats in parliamentary elections on Sept 18.

"We know about special relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, but we try not to interfere", he said.

During the forum, participants introduced some 110 projects involving companies in more than 30 countries, including Japan, China and South Korea.

U.S. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of endorsing "foreign interference" in the presidential election after he said recent leaks of Democratic e-mails were a "public service".

He was defending Clinton's use of a private email server during her tenure as secretary of state, saying Clinton has admitted it was a mistake. A month earlier, he accused the State Department under Mrs Clinton of approving the Russian takeover of uranium assets in the U.S. after investors in the deal paid US$145 million to the Clinton Foundation. Mr Putin asked in the interview.

There is strong opposition in Russian Federation to the return of the four northern islands.

Putin maintains that his government is not involved with the continuing cyber espionage against USA political organizations, suggesting that the culprits could be anyone.

Whether another meeting of Merkel, Putin, Hollande and Poroschenko would take place anytime soon remained unknown on Sunday evening.

"The past should not be an obstacle to moving forward", Mr Putin told the forum, where he shared a stage with Mr Abe. The billionaire businessman has warned he would shoot down Russian planes that challenge the United States military.

That said, Tanaka Nobuo still believes that the project of a joint energy grid in Asia is both economically feasible and would help the countries to resolve existing geological problems through a dialogue. "Their last name doesn't matter".

"Now it's a meeting where we can discuss the current situation", Novak said, after commenting that, as with Doha, thorough preparation was required for discussions on oil-output levels.

"The sides' consent as well as unification of investments and qualifications are not the only things necessary for implementation of the projects, which also demands a fundamental study of technical and economic indicators, risks assessment, regulatory and pricing issues and many others", Inyutsyn added.

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