Apple's iWork Introduces Real-time Collaboration for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Apple announced in the ongoing Apple event that iWork apps are finally receiving real-time collaboration that will allow multiple people to simultaneously edit documents in real-time, just like Google Apps have been allowing its users for quite some time now. Yes, iWork is introducing Real-Time Collaboration which will work seamlessly on iPhones, iPads and Mac devices.

"Remember: this is happening live", Prescott said during a demonstration that showed collaborators adding images, graphics, text and illustrations to a document. This long-awaited response to Google's increasingly ubiquitous Docs system makes it easy for users to create documents together using their iOS technology. Files can be made private or public.

Interestingly, Apple had invited Microsoft onto its stage at its keynote event almost a year ago when the company introduced the iPhone 6S, the Apple Watch and the iPad Pro. Each participant will be awarded a color, and that color will be shown in the editing pane as well to show who is editing/changing what in the collaboration pane. Another takeaway is that perhaps Apple is taking its office suite more seriously as an enterprise play.

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