AMD starts shipping 7th-Gen Bristol Ridge APUs to PC makers

AMD starts shipping 7th-Gen Bristol Ridge APUs to PC makers

AMD starts shipping 7th-Gen Bristol Ridge APUs to PC makers

The Bristol Ridge chips are meant to challenge Intel's new Kaby Lake and have up to four Excavator x86 CPU cores with a power band spanning 35W to 65W.

AMD's new systems will be powered by four Excavator CPU cores which gives 17 per cent higher single-threaded performance than the previous generation processors.

Kevin Lensing, Corporate VP and general manager of computing and graphics for AMD stated the following within the press release sent over earlier today.

AMD has announced that its 7th-generation A-Series Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) have started shipping to PC makers and will be incorporated into forthcoming devices from HP and Lenovo, among others, soon.

AMD is already gearing up to release Zen, the firm's next-generation desktop CPU architecture.

AMD has just revealed their seventh generation AMD A-series desktop processors which are known as Bristol Ridge. AMD's also excited about the launch because it puts AM4 platforms into the wild, which in turn gets customers ready for its upcoming Zen release.

AMD has had aspirations to provide more perfomance per watt with each generation and Bristh Ridge looks to fit the part.

AMD further added that, against the backdrop of Intel's new Kaby Lake chip's most prominent feature involving CODEC video support, the new Bristol Ridge will also support VP9 and H.265/HEVC video in hardware.

These processors will be the first to feature the company's AM4 socket. Zen offers a 40 percent improvement in instructions-per-clock performance over AMD's current processors, and during a demonstration in August, Senior Vice President and CTO Mark Papermaster said a Summit Ridge chip delivered comparable performance and efficiency as a similarly configured "Broadwell-E" processor from Intel.

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