Trump thinks NSA has Clinton's deleted emails

Clinton, a former secretary of state, has led real estate developer Trump in the poll since Democrats and Republicans ended their national conventions and formally nominated their presidential candidates in July.

Clinton gave a speech last week that tied Trump to the alt-right movement, a sect of hardcore conservatism often associated with white nationalism. He has denied that he is flip-flopping on his signature issue.

He had been sued as a young developer for failing to rent to black and Latino tenants, and by black employees of his casinos, the Democratic presidential candidate said. The video also shows Clinton's former Democratic rival, Sen. While he has not wavered on his desire to build an impenetrable wall along the border with Mexico, he exhibited indecisiveness in recent days about his plan to deport 11 million immigrants living in the US illegally.

Donald Trump retweeted a charge from two campaign surrogates that Hillary Clinton had a Ku Klux Klan member as "her mentor".

"He's taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the Republican Party".

Ohio: Clinton was ahead of Trump in the battleground state by 4 points, but she shouldn't celebrate just yet - that number was within the margin of error.

Clinton attacks came during a hard week for her campaign, as the release of new emails from her time as secretary of state revived criticism of her decision to use a private address and server rather than a government one.

He said other traditional swing states such as Virginia and Colorado are becoming safer bets for Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, meaning her campaign is going to spend even more time focusing on Florida. I think she's been extremely bad for Hispanics.

The agency told The Associated Press it expects to release the last of the files around December 30. The AP's lawyers asked the department late Friday to hasten its efforts and provide all of her minute-by-minute schedules by October 15.

Judge did have something to say - about Trump's racism and bigotry. The department did not immediately respond.

"From the start, Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia", she said, referring to his slandering of Mexican immigrants as "rapists".

If elected, Clinton says she'll take additional steps to make sure there are no conflicts of interest between her administration and the global charitable network founded by her husband. Their daughter, Chelsea Clinton, will remain on the board to oversee changes on donation policy and move some of the charity's work to other organizations.

At the same event, he referenced Clinton's use of the term "super predators" in 1996 to describe violent criminals, a term widely seen as racist and that Clinton has said she regretted using.

Trump has recently attempted to enlarge his tiny base of support among blacks - it has been as low as 1 percent - arguing that African Americans have "nothing to lose" by voting for him.

But Alexandra Preate, a spokeswoman for Bannon, says police never interviewed Bannon, who is on leave from the conservative news site Breitbart.

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