Paisley Park, home of Prince, opens for public tours Oct

Paisley Park, home of Prince, opens for public tours Oct

Paisley Park, home of Prince, opens for public tours Oct

The Minneapolis compound was home to Prince's creative endeavours from 1985 right up to his death in April this year.

In April, he collapsed in the elevator at Paisley Park and died of an accidental overdose of the painkiller fentanyl.

According to the Associated Press, opening Paisley Park to the public is something the reclusive singer had been actively working towards.

Nelson stated that when Prince was still alive, only few people got the rare chance to witness the incredible place. Also featured will be thousands of artifacts from his personal archives, "including iconic concert wardrobe, awards, musical instruments, artwork, rare music and video recordings, concert memorabilia, automobiles and motorcycles".

Tickets will become available August 26 at 3 p.m. ET, more information can be found here. Visit for ticket information and future Paisley Park updates.

Chanhassen Mayor Denny Laufenberger said he believed the plans to open the park to the public were in accordance with Prince's wishes.

The business plan for the site says the organizers want the museum open ahead of the October 13 Prince tribute at U.S. Bank Stadium, so visitors from out of town have a chance to tour the brand new museum.

Police stand guard at Paisley Park in the days following Prince's death.

The menu at Paisley Park will follow Prince's own diet, and will therefore be vegetarian. Standard (pre-booked only) tickets will cost $38.50 (€34) and tours will last 70 minutes, running every 10 minutes throughout the day - which means that up to 2,000 people may pass through its doors on a busy day.

According to the AP, Prince let his fans inside Paisley Park Studios on October 24, 2015.

However, not all of Prince's family are said to have been in agreement with the deal.

The city of Chanhassen still has to approve a rezoning request to make the Paisley Park museum happen.

The move was announced by the trust company overseeing his estate, and the tours will be managed by the company that runs Elvis Presley's Graceland home. "He knew exactly how to showcase his production studio for his fans in preparation for this eventual outcome", Laufenburger said.

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