TomTom's new fitness tracker can estimate your body fat and muscle mass

TomTom's new fitness tracker can estimate your body fat and muscle mass

TomTom's new fitness tracker can estimate your body fat and muscle mass

With the launch of its Touch fitness tracker, TomTom hopes to move body composition analysis from scales, like the Withings Body Cardio, to the wrist. The first one is called the TomTom Touch, and it's a fairly standard wrist-worn fitness tracker in terms of its design, but it also measures your body fat and muscle mass in addition to the more common stuff like step counting, sleep tracking, and heart rate. TomTom Touch is the most complete fitness tracker as it also gives users the ability to track sleep and heart rate up to five days at a time. It shows some basic notifications from your smartphone.

The watches also count every step you take and track other workouts for swimming, running, and gym sessions in dedicated sports modes. In case you're wondering, a body composition analysis provides you with information like body-fat percentage, muscle mass, and so on.

For more frequent runners, TomTom is updating its Spark series of Global Positioning System watches with three new models, all of which will have a feature that will leave a digital trail of breadcrumbs, so you can go for a run in an unfamiliar place, and still find your way back home. The watch comes equipped with a compass to aid explorers, and up to 15 trails can be stored on the watch.

Sarah Tew  CNET
Sarah Tew CNET

As before, the TomTom Spark is created to track a range of different sports, from running to cycling, and offers 40m water resistance. It will cost $349 (bundled with the same sport headphones as the Spark 3) and will go on sale October 18th. This is a pretty rare feature for Global Positioning System devices-only a few, such as the Samsung Gear Fit 2, have this capability-and it's one that sets TomTom's watch apart. That particular SKU includes a pair of TomTom's around-the-neck Bluetooth sport earbuds, too. There is 3GB of music storage space accommodating around 500 songs. Plus, the watch will send you audible cues about your performance as you run.

This packs all the features of the Spark 3, but also includes a barometer. You need two points of skin contact to perform bioelectrical impedance analysis - one of those is the strip of sensors on the underside of the Touch, and for the other one you have to rest your finger on the Touch's silver button (which you also use to wake the screen).

All three versions of the Spark 3 are water-resistant to 130 feet, and will be available on September 8. Another new watch that debuted at IFA is the TomTom Adventurer and it is a Global Positioning System outdoor watch designed for outdoor activities like hiking, trail running, skiing, and snowboarding. Similar to the Garmin fenix 3, the Adventurer has an automatic activity tracking, so it will know when you're going down a trail, as opposed to sitting on a chairlift.

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