Obama's refugee program under pressure to reach resettlement goal

Scotland has taken in 1,000 Syrian refugees since a summit previous year aimed at easing the worldwide humanitarian crisis.

"On Tuesday, I feel proud of the great team work which led to reaching this important target of at least 10,000 Syrian refugee arrivals in the United States", said IOM's RSC MENA Project Manager, Jeanette Camarillo, in the release.

More than half of Scotland's local authorities have taken or agreed to take refugees, who can stay for five years before applying for permanent settlement.

The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom praised the administration, hailing the accomplishment as "an important step, but only a first step, given the severity of the [Syrian] conflict, the implications for regional and international security, and the vulnerably of Syrian civilians who have been subjected to the most appalling mistreatment from both the Assad regime and its opponents, including ISIL".

The 10,000 Syrian refugees resettled in the US this previous year are a small part of the almost five million Syrians pushed out of their home country by the civil war. It has created the largest number of refugees of any current conflict, with millions having fled the country and more than 6 million now displaced within Syrian borders.

Texas first filed suit in December against the federal government and the International Rescue Committee - one of about 20 private nonprofits that have a state contract to resettle refugees in Texas - in the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Paris that left 130 dead. "This is part of the City of Edinburgh Council's Syrian Refugee Resettlement Programme which includes the Community Learning Development ESOL Programme and Saheliya".

Obama sought a sixfold increase in the Syrian refugees provided safe haven in the United States. And, that the U.S. and other 5 wealthiest countries host less than nine percent of the world's refugees combined.

After months of waiting, Nadim Fawzi Jouriyeh, a Syrian refugee and father of three, is on his way to a new life in the United States.

But Syrians actually make up only about 10 percent of the refugees coming to Tennessee, according to Catholic Charities.

After a halting start, resettlement numbers began to rise this summer after the Obama administration committed more staff and resources, allowing them to meet their goal over a month early.

Secretary Kerry also said on Monday that "more needs to be done" to remedy the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The Obama administration has said refugees fleeing war and persecution are the most scrutinized of all immigrants entering the United States.

To address the humanitarian crisis in Syria, "President Obama will host the Leaders' Summit on Refugees... to increase humanitarian assistance and create more long-term, durable opportunities for refugees", Kerry said.

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