Syrian regime carries out attacks in Aleppo despite Russian cease-fire effort

Syrian regime carries out attacks in Aleppo despite Russian cease-fire effort

Syrian regime carries out attacks in Aleppo despite Russian cease-fire effort

The New York-based Human Rights Watch is calling on the U.N. Security Council to demand an independent investigation into a spike in Russian and Syrian military attacks on hospitals in rebel-held areas in Syria.

Advances by warring sides, which have led to a siege of rebel-held neighbourhoods and the severing of a major route into government areas of control, have choked off supplies.

United Nations special adviser Jan Egeland said the proposed pause was "not enough" to facilitate the delivery of aid to the estimated two million civilians trapped in the city.

We need a pause in the fighting that has to be guaranteed by the Russians, the United States, the Government (of Syria) and the armed opposition groups.

"Now when it comes to humanitarian aid, they [governments] are all united to leave the Syrians alone".

Despite calls for cease-fire and a promise from Russian Federation of a three-hour respite to allow in humanitarian aid, there has been no let up in the violence.

Both the regime of Syrian president Bashar Assad - and its close ally, Russian Federation - have offered to impose a temporary ceasefire on the city long enough to evacuate civilians.

"Is this publicity that Russian Federation is a neutral party?" Three hours is indeed not enough, it's really nothing.

Syria Civil Defence, a rescue service operating in rebel-held parts of Syria, said they had recorded three deaths and 22 injured.

The monitor said it had not yet confirmed how numerous remaining six people killed were civilians or IS jihadists.

A spokesman said: "Helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the Zubdiya neighbourhood and one of the four barrels carried chlorine gas, resulting in the martyrdom of three people, two children and a woman, and injuring seven people with breathing difficulties".

Drawing attention to the situation in Aleppo city, the agency also urged all parties to the conflict in Syria, "To ensure, first and foremost, the safety and dignity of civilians, including families and vulnerable groups trapped in Aleppo city who are facing constant bombardment, violence, and displacement".

The United Nations said Russian Federation was considering expanding three-hour pauses in fighting every morning to bring in desperately-needed aid.

"At all times I will look at any kind of suggestion which enables humanitarian aid to be delivered", he told reporters. "We took a pledge to help those in need". "To meet that capacity of need you need two (road) lanes and you need to have about 48 hours to get sufficient trucks in". The UN, however, said a 48-hour halt is needed, along with safe access to a two-lane road.

Asked at 10.45 a.m. (0745 GMT) whether the ceasefire had taken effect, Mohammed Rasheed, spokesman for the rebel Jaish al-Nasr group, said: "No, on the contrary".

Rudskoi said that a point for collecting the aid and forming convoys has been established near Handarat, on the northern outskirts of Aleppo.

"That's why there was a huge number of casualties, it was a civilian neighborhood".

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