Swiss train attack: Man sets fire, kills passenger

Swiss train attack: Man sets fire, kills passenger

Swiss train attack: Man sets fire, kills passenger

A 34-year-old woman who was injured in an attack by a knifeman on a Swiss train has died in hospital, police say.

The victims included two men aged 17 and 50, three women aged 17, 34 and 43 and a six-year-old girl, police said.

Wielding a knife, the attacker poured flammable liquids on the train, setting it on fire, then began attacking passengers, Swiss police said.

Swiss site, claimed the suspect was "on fire" when police tackled him and suffered serious burns.

St. Gallen police said the motive was not clear. "We still do not know where and why the man boarded the train, and if he knew any of the passengers".

Five passengers on the train were wounded in the attack and a sixth person on the train platform, the 50-year-old man, was wounded as he pulled the burning suspect off the train, police said. "Terrorism is not our main theory", police spokesman Bruno Metzger told AFP, adding that "other motives" figured far higher, although he would not say what they were.

The attack took place on Saturday at around 2:20 p.m, just as the train approached Salez station, between Buchs and Sennwald on the Südostbahn line in the canton of St Gallen in north eastern Switzerland. "To date there is no indication this was a terrorist or politically motivated act".

"There is now none that can be found".

As ABC News reports, Saturday's attack illustrates how vulnerable Europe's "labyrinthine" train system is to crime, even when criminals are using crude weapons such as flammable liquids and knives. The attacker was shot and killed by police.

And previous year, a "heavily-armed" gunman opened fire on a Paris-bound train, but was overpowered by two American servicemen and their friend before he could cause any harm.

Trains are seen at the Secheron Station in Geneva, Switzerland, Aug. 21, 2015.

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