Mother: Milwaukee shooting victim was 23-year-old black man

A deadly shooting of an armed man by Milwaukee police has stirred anger, fear and disbelief as authorities restore calm in the city after a night of violent protest.

He was not injured and will be placed on administrative duty during the investigation and subsequent review by the district attorney's office. "Get them home right now before more damage is done", said Mayor Tom Barrett.

Walker praised citizens who showed up Sunday to clean up the north side neighborhood where the violence took place. He called for "continued peace and prayer".

The officer is a 6-year veteran of the department, and was wearing a body camera.

"He (officer) ordered that individual to drop his gun, the individual did not drop his gun", Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said.

President Obama asked to be kept updated on any new developments.

Obama is opening a second week of vacation on the MA island of Martha's Vineyard.

The Milwaukee County sheriff is asking for help from the National Guard after violence broke out in Milwaukee in response to a police shooting.

Fiore said the unrest began on that city's north side, not long after the shooting. He says he has consulted with Gov. Scott Walker.

A Milwaukee police spokesman didn't immediately respond to messages seeking confirmation of Smith as the suspect. Police and city leaders have said they have the resources to handle the situation. "I want to make sure that we don't lose any police officers in this community either". Almost 40 percent of Milwaukee's 600,000 residents are black, and heavily concentrated on the north side.

The triggering event came Saturday afternoon, when a man fleeing police after a traffic stop was shot and killed. A police vehicle, auto-parts store, and a gas station were set on fire, and stores were looted by rioters.

Local officials planned to meet with church and community leaders Sunday to discuss ways to move forward. He says the city must put more money into the north side because residents there "don't have nothing to do but destroy stuff". Another vehicle was set on fire. The mayor has said police presence will be strong in the Sherman Park neighborhood on Sunday, after the riots there. He says he's owned stations in the area for 36 years and has never had trouble.

A Milwaukee Police Department statement did not name him but said he was 23 years old, had a lengthy arrest record and was carrying a stolen handgun loaded with 23 rounds of ammunition when stopped for unspecified "suspicious activity".

According to police, the 23 year old victim, armed with a stolen hand gun, ran from police after a traffic stop, but the circumstances that lead to the actual shooting weren't clear. The races of the man and officer haven't been released.

Darlene Rose, 31, said that she understands the anger that fueled the violence, but that it doesn't help. Police mounted at least two efforts to push the protesters out of an intersection at the heart of the violence. At least four buildings were burned and one officer was hurt as up to 100 protesters skirmished with police.

"This stop took place because two officers. saw suspicious activity", the mayor said. Police said the man had a handgun.

Milwaukee was beset by protests and calls for police reform after an officer fatally shot Dontre Hamilton, a mentally ill Black man, in 2014.

An overturned bus shelter lies on the ground after dozens of people protested following the fatal shooting of a man in Milwaukee, Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016.

Earlier in the evening, more than 100 people gathered near the scene of the shooting at N. 44th St. and W. Auer Ave. and at times pushed against a line of 20 to 30 officers, some of whom were in riot gear. Demonstrators set a police cruiser on fire, smashed the windows of another squad auto, and destroyed other vehicles.

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