McConnell: GOP chances to keep Senate are 'very dicey'

One day after Republican strategist Matt Mackowiak said that Republicans faced an "extinction-level event" this fall if Trump didn't drastically change course, several anonymous GOP insiders tell Politico that it's time to stick a fork in The Donald's presidential aspirations.

In a draft letter with more than 70 signatories that is expected to be formally sent next week, they warn of "the catastrophic impact" they predict Trump's campaign will have on other Republicans who are running this year.

They fear "Trump's divisiveness, recklessness, incompetence, and record-breaking unpopularity risk turning this election into a Democratic landslide", according to a draft of the letter obtained by Politico. "We have, we - meaning Senate Republicans - have 24 members up".

"Trump is underperforming so comprehensively", fumed one Iowa Republican.

McConnell, who has publicly backed Trump, didn't hold back about his assessment of the billionaire candidate's current political position, saying about both Trump and Clinton, "It is a statement of the obvious that neither of these nominees are widely appealing to the American people - to put it mildly".

With the election less than three months away, McConnell said Republicans are in "a dogfight", The Associated Press reported.

He said Clinton's email scandal wouldn't top his list of issues, but pointed to issues with the Clinton Foundation during her tenure as secretary of state as "a major sort of ethical blind spot". The senator added that when Trump "says something I have to speak up on, I will".

The despair over Donald Trump's candidacy has reached new lows among Republican insiders this week. "He also has shown risky authoritarian tendencies, including threats to ban an entire religion from entering the country, order the military to break the law by torturing prisoners, kill the families of suspected terrorists, track law-abiding Muslim citizens in databases, and use executive orders to implement other illegal and unconstitutional measures".

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