Ed Miliband backs Owen Smith for Labour leadership

Ed Miliband backs Owen Smith for Labour leadership

Ed Miliband backs Owen Smith for Labour leadership

The country's main opposition party has descended into turmoil, with lawmakers trying to unseat leader Jeremy Corbyn.

And the question of what happens after that defeat persists: today newly-appointed Labour mayoral candidate for the Liverpool City Region and Corbyn ally Steve Rotheram said that MPs "should reflect what the membership who select them are putting them into parliament to do".

Welcoming the surge in new party members, Mr Corbyn added: "Owen, our party is a strong party, our party is a big party, our campaigning abilities are vast if we work together on those campaigns".

Jeremy Corbyn's leadership of the Labour Party was backed by 72 per cent of constituency party members at a packed meeting last night.

Owen Smith admitted he was the underdog in the bitter contest which has divided the Labour party because he believed the majority of new supporters would back his opponent.

Mr Corbyn received 58% of votes cast and Mr Smith 42%.

"I know a lot of the people at that meeting would have been reasonable but some of them, the language they were using was derogatory and as long as I've been a member of this party, I've never known this level of abuse".

"But I have to say this: that in the aftermath of these events the Labour party has to be reconfigured because we would prefer a form of organisation less top-down, less bureaucratic, less in the Stalinist mould of Tom Watson with his dossiers and so on which are antiquated methods of the past".

"Jeremy can't do that and that's why we need to change the leader of the Labour Party".

I think it's probably going to be in Jeremy's favour.

Mr Burnham defended his neutral stance in the Labour leadership battle, after a former ally hit out at him.

In the 1980s, the Labour Party expelled hundreds of members of groups who followed the doctrines of the Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky.

"It's not a conspiracy theory to say that members of these organisations are joining Labour".

Mr McDonnell had earlier claimed the decision to appeal had been taken by a "small clique" who opposed the Labour leader. Corbyn asks. Smith says he does not need to be a mind reader because Corbyn had opposed the European Union for 30 years.

He told Channel 4 News: "Talking about a war.is that really what people want here?"

They also accuse far-left activists among his supporters of intimidating more centrist party members.

"In the end if you're not careful one side wins over the other and that leads to a split". That's the end game and I hope whatever the final result, the Labour Party will unite when all this is over.

The Corbyn team slammed the accusations as "baseless" and part of the right-wing of the Labour party's "Project Fear". "Ed Miliband at this point in the cycle was nine points ahead in the polls".

"I always put the unity of our party first, so that's the way I've done my politics".

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