No Access to Single Market Without Migration — EU to Britain

No Access to Single Market Without Migration — EU to Britain

No Access to Single Market Without Migration — EU to Britain

"You as a political project are in denial", declared Farage, leader of the anti-EU UK Independence Party.

European Union leaders said there could be no turning back for the United Kingdom after Prime Minister David Cameron used his last EU summit to express disappointment at his failure to win the referendum he called on Britain's membership.

Mr Hollande said one measure he wants considered in Bratislava in September is making it possible for all young people in the European Union to have the option of studying or spending time in another member country of the bloc.

Following the conclusion of the summit, Mr Tusk said the 27 leaders had agreed that Britain would have to accept freedom of movement if it wants to maintain access to the single market as a non-member.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Loefven said market access depended on an adherence to the "four freedoms", meaning the movement of goods, services, capital - and people.

"There will be no single market a la carte".

"If you want the full benefits of the single market, you'll have to be part of every part of it", he said.

He spoke in Brussels during a summit on EU's prospects without Britain, attended by European Union minus British leaders.

"There's been a little bit of hysteria post-Brexit vote, as if somehow NATO's gone and the trans-Atlantic alliance is dissolving and every country's rushing off to its own corner".

David Cameron said Article 50 should be invoked by his successor as Prime Minister, effectively pushing the beginning of the process back until at October at the very earliest. She said that combating youth unemployment, for example, could involve both scrapping EU directives and deepening European cooperation.

Sturgeon has said Scotland, where almost two in three voters backed staying in the European Union, does not want to leave the bloc and may hold a new referendum on independence.

"I don't want to underestimate the challenges that lie ahead for us in seeking to find a path". Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of an European Union summit late on 28 June, Merkel said it was not a time for sorrow or anger and that Europe must simply deal with the situation it has been confronted with.

Cameron outlined his position to the House of Commons Wednesday.

There could be "no negotiation without notification", he said. "We are married or divorced but not something in between", Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel added.

At Tuesday night's summit dinner, European Union leaders rejected Cameron's pleas for favourable conditions for Britain once it leaves, insisting there would be no cherry-picking of advantageous trade conditions without respecting the free movement of people.

But at this critical juncture in its history, Britain is looking effectively leaderless.

Vote Leave proposed an "Australian-style points based migration system" throughout their campaign but with scant detail on what it would look like in practice.

Candidates from the ruling Conservative Party are jockeying to replace Cameron following his announcement of his intention to resign in the wake of his referendum defeat.

Cameron has urged a reform the rules of freedom of movement, with officials seeing the large influx of eastern European workers as a key factor behind the referendum outcome. Education secretary Nicky Morgan and health secretary Jeremy Hunt have also said they are mulling a bid.

A successor is not expected to be announced until early September.

Meanwhile, Corbyn has refused to stand aside in the face of a revolt from his MPs.

While he attracted tens of thousands of new members when he become Labour leader in September, he has been a polarizing figure.

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